Eeprom and Eprom reader-writer-burner with Arduino Uno

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The basic idea came from the EEPROM Programmer site. This project can only handle the 28C256 type EEPROM.

But I needed to burn different type eproms too for my ZX Spectrum works.

So I had to develope new hardware, and expand the Arduino firmware and the python cli program too. The result was that this device can read, write or burn nine different PROMs: 28C64, 28C256, 2764, 27C64, 27128, 27C128, 27256, 27C256 and 27C512. It can also lock or unlock the 28C256 EEPROMs.

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I built into hardware some switching transistors (and a relay for 27C512) for controlling the different address and power pins. A step up converter provides the burning voltage (13V). And I also put three LEDs to check visually the works (read-write-burn).

The Arduino firmware is totally rewritten with C++ code. The command line interpreter is expanded too for the new functions: e.g. lock, unlock, select PROM. The cli can verify the content immediatelly after writing the PROM.

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