LCD info panel with USB4all


The hardware is an old german project. I planned a tiny PCB from this circuit instead of using original. It's matching with much popular LCD panels. Here is the gerber files for PCB. I chose the 18f2550 microcontroller for my device.

Otherwise you can use any hardware interface from spare output pins, if you want, but using them is not confortable at all. This PCB is an "USB4LCD" in first, not USB4all.

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The microcontroller firmware is original. There is a standard ICSP port on the PCB, so you can write the firmware into the PIC when it has been soldered onto the PCB.


There is a software package in the Debian Jessie repository, which can use this usb device. It came from here. But I don't like it, because the screen is allways changing. So I wrote my own to satisfy my sensible needs:
jessie amd64 package

My program shows four rows:

  • date and time
  • cpu volume bar and usage percent
  • mem volume bar and usage percent
  • net download speed and logo
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