Command line interpreter for Usb4All panel

At last...

... I modified the original Usb4all firmware. I could not made it on the latest version (v10), because the sources of that version are not reachable via internet. But I think the version 9 will be good for me too, because there are no many modifications, or fixes in the latest one (some fix for motor stepper and possibility to using extra I/O pins with 40/44-pin PIC only). The new feature of the "newest" firmware (aka modified 9th) able to call I2C devices in restart mode. Modified v9 firmware is here.

You can show in the picture a full assembled pcb. There are a 32kbyte eeprom and a 5V to 3.3V I2C level adaptor on it too.

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Command line interpreter

To benefit from the new feature I wrote a CLI program.

As you can see, there are many commands, which can read data from random address of an I2C device. It is possible in restart mode only. On the example picture after the 'i2c-cli' program started, it listed the command and parameter possibility. Then I read the current time from the clock chip, the current ambient temperature from temperature measure chip and a byte from '1234' address of eeprom chip. Its value is '0'. Then I wrote at the same place '42', and read again. The result is '42', of course, so the random address read is working succesfully. I used short and long command formulas alternately.

Not all functionalities are working as good as I'd like (for example the 'page write' in eeprom), so if you want to use this program, you have to wait a little. I will fix it soon, then I will put it into this webpage.

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