Open programmer for PICs and i2c eeproms

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I used for my PIC projects (this, and this) a simple programmer - k150 - which can write only a few type PICs. But I had to write a newer one (for this project), so I borrowed an original Microchip programmer from my colleague. My experience is that if I want to write a microcontroller only (no develop, no debug), Microchip still installed more than 2 gigabyte software to my computer (MPLAB IPE)!


So the main goal with the open programmer is to provide the easiest solution for programming different devices with using minimal resources. The Open Programmer is ideal for this works.

I made two different versions: one of them can handle the 8 pin i2c eeproms, the another one contains a 3.3V level shifter for Low Voltage PICs. And of course both can read and write PIC microcontrollers via ICSP connector (and some PICs via 20 pin DIL or SOP socket).

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The final version is ready. Main differents from the starting project are:
- ICSP output is pin order compatible with the Microchip PICkit
- low voltage devices are separated with an active level shifter
- I2C port connector is built for 5V type eeproms (tipically for 24Cxx)
- I put two ferrite beads into power lines (can be replaced by 0 ohm)
- purple color :-)

I made a git repository for this project. It contains modificated operation program sources. These source files are in one instance only, two Makefile can handle them for CLI or GUI compilations (I used them on Debian only). The repo also contains the PCB gerber files and the circuit diagram in PDF format.

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