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new year (2022), new project - ZX Spectrum!

the actual project is (2024):
Usb4All with stm32f103 or gd32f303cc

I finalized this PIC programmer project:
open programmer for PICs

programming old school PROMs:
eprom/eeprom programmer

a cheap tool for professional works (2024):
Weller RT tip driver circuit

this is my binary clock project:
story of my binary clock evolution

unique blue light clock with stm32f103c8t6:
clock with 7 segment displays

another PIC microcontroller project:
frequency meter & frequency meter & frequency meter (only in Hungarian)

this is an LCD info panel made with Usb4All device:
first version
the newest version of PCB is ready!
command line interpreter for Usb4All panel

here is my version of Tetris for its 30th birthday (last modification in 2016-10-03):
tetris for Windows (32bit)
tetris for Linux (64bit - libsdl2 is required)

The 'geany' is a lightweight IDE, based on Scintilla text editor.
This is the 1.37 version (with gtk2) and the 1.37 version (with gtk3) with my 'reload all' feature (Debian 9/10 - 64bit).
Click to my Gitlab project page to explore sources.
I ended following the original project; when I'll see any essential new features in it, then I'll work with it again.
to be complete I merged the new 2.00 version into my repository, and the artifact is downloadable from here (Debian-12, gtk3, amd64 packages).

and this is my old favorite website (from 2006 - only in Hungarian):

more info: works at veghelyiattila dot hu

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