here is my version of Tetris for its 30th birthday (last modification in 2016-10-03):
tetris for Windows (32bit)
tetris for Linux (64bit - libsdl2 is required)

this is my binary clock project:
story of my binary clock evolution ( + DIY binary clock at WIX)

another PIC microcontroller project:
frequency meter & frequency meter

this is an LCD info panel made with Usb4All device:
first version
the newest version of PCB is ready!
command line interpreter for Usb4All panel

The 'geany' is a lightweight IDE, based on Scintilla text editor. This is my geany version with 'reload all' feature (debiani 9, 64bit, v1.36). project page 2019.09.29.

and this is my old favorite website (from 2006):

more info: works at <myname>.hu